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This game is a spoof on popular scrolling shooters. You are to pilot the most unusual airplane in the world. Actually, the flying chariot is a more appropriate word. Your goal is to get to the finish, destroying the enemies on the way. Your ammunition will consist not of bullets, however, but rather bananas and glass flasks. And you can drop an anvil on top of the head of some absent-minded enemy. Each of 6 episodes comes with tons of funny creatures that try not to let you get to the finish. Keep your eyes open and collect the most unusual weapons and bonuses while you are flying to help you get to the very finish. Good luck, pilot!

Joystick support

First level weapons:
Puny Bullets Puny Bullets. Simple and weak weapon. Some say it can kill, too.
Fish Fish. Fly out in clusters, but don't all get to their destination point.
Birdies Birdies. Fly out in different directions.
Darts Darts. Poison your opponent, when stuck in the body.
Boomerang Boomerang. Has a nasty habit of coming back to a person who threw it.
Flamethrower Flamethrower. Do you want to feel like an arsonist? With this thing, you can.
Soap Bubbles Soap Bubbles. Fly up in the air, carrying death and destruction.
Second level weapons:
Torpedo Torpedo. Aims and guides itself to strike a target.
Crazy Boot Crazy Boot. May bounce off several times when on its way to target.
Anvil Anvil. Breaks throw everything and then sticks in the ground.
Napalm Light Bulbs Napalm Light Bulbs. Fall down, break open and burn everything out with Napalm.
Piano Piano. When this baby explodes, everything on the screen dies.
Killer Boot Killer Boot. It just kills, don't all boots do?
Classic Bomb Classic Bomb. Yeah, it's boring. It just explodes and hurts enemies with its fragments.
Heart Heart. Gives you a chance to live a little longer.
Jaws Jaws. Fly around and help you get rid of your opponents.

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Version : 1.5
File size : 10.4 Mb
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Pentium-300 MMX or higher
License : Shareware, $19.95
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Limited features and number of levels

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