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Jingle Keyboard ( former Typewriter Sound Player)

    - What is Jingle Keyboard ( aka Typewriter Sound Player) ?

 Chris Pirillo ( Lockergnome's Content Wizard ) says:

- I asked for a typewriter when I was younger; you really had to pound it to see any character. Nowadays, there are all types of keyboards . Mushy keys don't make me happy. If you need more noise in your life, this gizmo will enable a typewriter WAV sound to be played whenever any given key (or mouse button) is pressed. Clack clack !

Well, if you miss your old typewriter , if you love hearing the clacking underneath the fingers, if you want your PC to play typewriter sounds when you press the keys of your keyboard then Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) is what you need!
Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) allows computer's keyboard to play typewriter sounds or any other sounds.

  • It makes typewriter sounds when you press keyboard keys.
  • You can replace the typewriter sounds with your own sound.
  • Appears in the tray ( right side of the menu bar ) . It's easy to change a tray icon as we provide you with a set of additional icons. Also you may use your own ones.
  • Quick installation. You'll hear it immediately !
  • Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player ) uses the Typewriter sound scheme by default.
    The sound scheme includes 9 keyboard events and 3 mouse events. Separate sound for each of the scheme key !
  • 2 more built-in sound schemes are available: Battle and Birds, so you can easy switch off the typewriter
    and turn on other sound scheme with a couple of clicks !

Also you can :

  • temporarily mute sounds.
  • use own sounds instead of the default typewriter sounds. Assign any sound you want (as well as no sound at all) to the keys of the keyboard.
  • create your own sound schemes : simply set different sounds for different keys on your keyboard.
  • find wav sounds on the Internet or on your computer. Finally, record your girl's voice !

  • Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player ) is automatically launched each time you turn your computer on. You may disable the
    auto run from "Preferences..." menu
  • Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) is available in English, Spanish, Sweden, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch now. You may add your language !
  • Compatible with Microsift Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP.

That's why Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) got the most prestige software award ZDNet Five Stars!

ZDNet Award for Typewriter Sound Keyboard Player

This team test hundreds(!) of programs every day and they think this is a must have aplication. You may see additional requirements on the download page or take your copy right now.

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Version : 2.4
File size : 814 Kb
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Pentium-300 MMX or higher
License : Freeware
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